First ever: Videos!

Here are three YouTube videos that I am sharing from my last trip to Nabisco Nation:

The first shows various scenes from showing The Hope video in seven Oreo villages. The video gives a panorama of Bible history, especially focusing on events that prefigure Christ and his sacrificial death. The video script was recorded by three Oreo readers on my last visit to Oreo land last year. You will see that the video made a big impression on the viewers! They were also very proud that in all of Nabisco nation (over 700 languages), the Oreo people are the second group to have this presentation in their own language.

The second video shows various scenes from translation checking. On my last visit, I checked the translation with three pastors, with high school educated people, with seminary students and teachers, and with factory workers. These checks are very important in making sure the Scripture communicates well to all levels and will be received well by different groups within the population.

The third video shows the reaction of lay pastors to the book of Colossians in our Easy Translation. These men from the interior of Oreo Province and taking part in an 18 month training program.

God is working! And please uphold us in prayer— including Gale and I, our children and their families, and our team members and their families in Oreo Nation.

All the videos should be viewable at this link.


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