Taxi Drivers: Each one with a story

In the states I have mostly lived in the mid-west. And no one in Siloam Springs takes a taxi. There isn’t even a taxi service in this town. But in Jakarta, I usually don’t wait longer than 3 minutes to find the next available taxi.

One young man enjoyed talking with me about his upcoming wedding— which will take place right after the Islamic fast. One man shared about having four daughters, and bride price given by each husband’s family didn’t nearly cover wedding expenses. When the taxi drivers ask me about my family, I get out my picture album— which also shows that I translate the Bible. After sharing together, one driver kissed the book I gave him.

The first picture in the slideshow linked below is of a taxi driver with Saul— a young Orya man who was recently in a discipleship program in Jakarta. (I have known Saul since he was a baby.) The taxi driver he has his arm around is one of only two Christian drivers I met in this group of 56.

Please pray that 56 books will be read by someone, and that God will do as He promises— working mightily through His Word. To help you pray, take a look at this slideshow:

Click here to see the slideshow!

Screenshot from 2013-03-18 17:28:18


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