Calling all friends! Phil is starting the Daily Bible Reading Podcast

Do you need encouragement to keep reading the Bible daily?

Starting on January 1, Lord willing, I will start the Daily Bible Reading Podcast. I hope any friends who read this will give my podcast a try. One location where the podcasts will be posted is and another is iTunes.

The DBR Podcast will be simple: 4 chapters of the Bible every day, enough to finish the whole Bible in a year. Every day there will be two chapters of the Old Testament (First half of the hear in the historical books, second half in the prophetic books), one chapter of Old Testament poetry, and one chapter in the New Testament.

We will read several different versions, alternating between several modern language, meaning based, easy to understand translations. Some of these include CEB, NLT, NET, and CEV.

I am thinking of these people as my audience for this year reading the Bible daily:

  • my family. I hope my four grandkids will eventually listen to these recordings
  • my friends in Harvard Avenue Church in Siloam Springs, Arkansas
  • my friends in Jakarta International Fellowship– who come from 24 different nationalities
  • our friends who have supported our Bible translation work in prayer and financially
  • and any new friends

Along the way, I hope to share some footnotes to the Scripture from my background as a Bible translator. We joined Wycliffe Bible Translators in 1980. Our family went to Indonesia in 1983, and started working with the Orya people in 1984. The Orya New Testament was published in 2005. Since then I have been working in the main trade language of Indonesia (called Indonesian). The Plain Indonesian Translation New Testament will be published in book form in March 2014. Digital publication is starting now. During this year, I look forward in sharing a little with listeners as I will take you along to Indonesia for the dedication of this New Testament in this language spoken by over 240 million people.

One of our mottos is: The Word Unlocks Life. We invite you to join us in enjoying God’s transforming WORD in 2014.
Before 2014, I will upload a few podcasts, mostly so that I can learn how to do this efficiently.

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