What a year!

I obviously don’t visit or update this blog much anymore!

This year has been well documented though. For information, visit dailybiblereading.info.

The main event of this year was the publishing of the Plain Indonesian Translation (TSI) New Testament, which is shown in the picture. There are at least 60,000 people who have it on their Android phone or tablets. It is read by several thousand more via Youversion (bible.com). And now the New Testament is coming out in its second printing.

Featured image

We enjoy our wonder family here in Siloam Springs, including David and Jen, with Luke and Laura. Rachel is in East Africa. Hannah and Brandon (with Ava and Joel) are in South Asia.


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Misi: Meningkatkan Pemahaman Alkitab. Prinsip: Doa adalah strategi kita yang utama.
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1 Response to What a year!

  1. Maria Tittiger says:

    Hi Phil,
    I want to tell you how very much I enjoy listening every day to the daily reading. I am finishing up year two. I would love to purchase a copy on cd for my aunt and a few friends who may listen if I give them a copy as a gift. Do you have cd’s that would be available to purchase?
    Your daily readings have been a blessing to me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE listening and you do a wonderful job reading and praying. May God continue to bless you all for His glory!
    Maria Tittiger

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