About Phil & Gale

Our ministry:
Translating God’s Word
so that people can know Christ

The Word unlocks LIFE

Previously, because of the security guidelines of the organization we were working under, we did not give our last name, place names, the name of the country, our organization’s name. This is why our first translation project, from 1984 through 2005, was code-named Oreo. The Orya people number around 2,000, and live in the tropical rain forest of Papua province. Indonesia shares the island of New Guinea with Papua New Guinea. While under that organization, we called the country Nabisco Nation, and we called our second project “Double Stuff.”

Since our security situation has changed, we can now say openly that we are Phil & Gale Fields.
Our current work is to provide life-transforming Scripture for the national language of Indonesia, called Indonesian or Bahasa Indonesia. We estimate that Indonesian is the first language of half of Indonesia’s population, and the second language of the other half. Indonesia is ranks fourth in population in the world, coming just after the USA. Indonesia’s total population is around 240 million.

We have started a non-profit organization in Indonesia called the OurLanguage Bible Organization (Yayasan Alkitab BahasaKita) or “Albata” for short. Albata’s web site (albata.info) is now mainly in Indonesian, but we hope that there will be an English mirror of the content soon. Albata is the publisher for our Plain Indonesian Translation (Terjemahan Sederhana Indonesia or TSI). The reason the TSI is needed is because Indonesia’s standard Bible is so hard for many readers to understand. The TSI is a meaning-based translation (more like the NLT). The aim of the TSI is to make the meaning of Scripture clear even to people who use Indonesian as their second language. This is important as more than 450 ethnic groups in Indonesia are still waiting for Scripture in their languages. Indonesia has a total of over 700 ethnic languages.

Phil’s Daily Bible Reading Podcast site is linked here.

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May God bless you! Thanks for reading this page.

Phil & Gale

4 Responses to About Phil & Gale

  1. Rocky Nishihata says:


    Thank you, and I pray for you and Gale.


  2. jerry nininger says:

    Thank you for the reminder to pray.
    In His Name,

  3. May the Lord continue to bless yours and Gale’s ministry We are happy to receive news of the ongoing events. We can picture it better than a lot thanks to your including us in one adventure.

  4. Yes, for all the efforts to bring the word to the “Oreo” people. We remember
    Blessings, Larry and Isabel.

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